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"He felt like his eyeballs were frozen, and they stung when he tried to move them. For the first time he lacked the balm of tears. The liquid that laves the eyes had evaporated, had utterly vanished. Any attempt to blink triggered a tiny, localised earthquake, which in turn set off thousands of stabbing pains. Perhaps these were nothing more than shards of his inability to concentrate. Now, all that was necessary was to reconcile himself to the thought. What thought? No, he mustn’t even think it! Above all not that! He had to wait. Nothing more. To postpone the blow. Happily, the truth had up until now merely jostled him. His real collapse was coming round from his collapse, and this was what he had to palliate …"

Papa Nicolau si alte povestiri foarte, foarte scurte
Fotograful Curtii Regale
Nudul Dianei
Mirii nemuririi
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