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GOOD MORNING! PARDON me for waking you up at this hour, it must be around four, it’s pitch black, if you want to sleep some more, I’ve got nothing against that, I’m not even asking you to open your eyes, let alone start making coffee, sleep snugly and listen to me, I almost wish I could reach you, for a little while, for a few moments, to see the city swathed in mist, that green, yellow, blue, chimerical mist, but ultimately still mist, the same mist as here; look, certain things are beginning to dawn on me...

Villa Margareta
Manualul intimplarilor
Fata din casa vagon
Citeva lucruri despre tine
Spovedanie la Tanacu
Domnul K. eliberat
Do Not Cross
Sfirsit de sezon
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