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Anachronistically, the Voievode Barzovius and his companions arrive at the sultan’s court, where they are greeted by the “odalisque on duty”.  Methodius and Jovanutz, on the other hand, finally get to see the Pope, and the scene in which Methodius recounts the meeting is, like many other episodes, a classic example of (self‑)irony : “The Pope asked us where Moldavia was. And ? And we told him. And what did he say ?

Aventurile unui gentleman bolsevic
Intoarcerea huliganului
Un inger, un ciine, o imagine
In tara lui Dumnezeu
Matei Brunul
Cum sa uiti o femeie
Baieti de gasca
Tache de catifea
parteneri parteneri parteneri parteneri

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