Doina Jela

Doina Jela is a journalist, editor, translator and writer. She oversaw the Humanitas publishing house’s “Communism on Trial” series and Curtea Veche Publishing’s “Current” series. She founded the Romanian Association of Independent Journalists, the Romanian branch of the Association of European Journalists, based in Brussels. She has contributed to numerous collections of essays : The Hunter of Enigmas (1993), The Sighet Annals (1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002), How Was It ? Rather like This… (2006), The Book of Grandparents (2007), and The Thirty Days War (2007). Her books include : The Nichita Dumitru Case: An Attempt to Reconstruct a Communist Trial (1995), This Love That Binds Us: Reconstruction of an Assassination (1998, 2004), The Road to Damascus: Confession of a Torturer (1999, 2002 ; director Lucian Pintilie adapted the book in his film Afternoon of a Torturer, 2001), The Black Lexicon: The Tools of Communist Repression (2001), The Transcendental Meditation Affair (with Catalin Strat and Mihai Albu, 2004), Hungary 1956 : The Rebellion of Minds and the End of the Communist Myth (with Vladimir Tismaneanu, 2006), A Hundred Days with Monica Lovinescu (2008). Polirom has also published her Nightly Television News (1997 ; 2nd edition, Vremea, 2005).


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