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Veronica D. Niculescu is a writer and translator. She has published the following collections of short prose : Adeb (Limes, 2004; Sibiu Branch of the Writers Union Prize for Debut), Orange Orchestra (Cartea Romaneasca, 2008), and Red, Red, Velvet (Casa de Pariuri Literare, 2012; nominated for the Radio Romania Cultural Prizes and the Ziarul de Iasi National Prize for Prose) ; the following book pairs : Animal Symphony (Casa de Pariuri Literare, 2014; awarded the Writers Union Sibiu Literary Circle Prize, nominated for the Ziarul de Iasi National Prize for Prose) and Hibernalia (Casa de Pariuri Literare, 2016) ; and two volumes in collaboration with Emil Brumaru : The Tale of Princess Quick Quick (Polirom, 2009) and Chestnuts Falling from the Chestnut Trees...

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Novel, Ego.Prose series, Polirom, 2016, 248 pages

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A novel about departures, losses and emptiness, written with tenderness and sprinkled with surprises. A book with a circular structure, which encloses within it a thousand line fairy tale poem. Far from her hometown, her family and those who still love her, Miranda Dortloft is writing a rhyming fairy tale. The dense prose that surrounds this game of the imagination, a cocoon of doubts and confessions, reveals Miranda’s real life : her childhood during the communist period, in a motley family where contrast rules ; a love affair ; and the empty present, ravaged by depression. Veronica D. Niculescu’s first novel takes the reader through a labyrinth of distorting mirrors, where reality and fiction, a princess and a modern day woman wander hand in hand.


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