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Daniel Vighi was born on 9 October 1956. He is a prose writer of the Eighties Generation, essayist, and professor of Contemporary Romanian Literature at the Western University in Timisoara. His books include : Stories about Warehouse Street (1985), Cardboard Wallachia (1996), Apocalypse 9 (1999), The Hale Bopp Comet (2007), The Appeasement Commission (2009), The History from a Shoebox (2013). His novels include : Note on Previous Years (1989), December, Ten O’ Clock (1997), Summer Island (1999), The Mysteries of Castle Solitude or On Loneliness in Wintertime (2004), and his collections of essays include The Temptation of the Orient (1998), Sorin Titel: Monograph (2000), Honour and Honorarium (2007), Graffiti with Tutea: Essay on the Insignificant (2014). He writes...

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2015, 592 pages

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The Corso Trilogy is a fantastic foray into more than half a century of the history of Timisoara, from the early years of the communist dictatorship to the unleashing of the capitalist tarantula in the 1990s and the invasion of Italian entrepreneurs. The first novel, Operation Aubade, the code name for a secret service, described in a fantasy style, is a music hall epic with paranormal beings and Securitate agents. The second, Jewellery, and Hats, and Ponchos, and Long Hair, and Pearls, describes an attempt by high school rockers to cross the frontier illegally and reach the graves of their idols, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. The final book of the trilogy, The Wonderful Businesses of Capitalist Ilie Sfeic, is a fresco, in the manner of Hašek, of the post 1989 world and follows the capitalist adventures (which end up in bankruptcy) of the main character, a double of the book’s author, a greenhorn in a New World of bosses of all kinds, degrees of illegality, and tastes. All three of Daniel Vighi’s novels are illustrations of the magic formula of unity in diversity, thereby guaranteeing a polyphonic reading, along with a dizzying voyage through time and space.


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