Ohara Donovetsky


Ohara Donovetsky (b. 1969) studied Romanian and German at Bucharest University, graduating in 1994. She has a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory (1995) and a PhD in Philology, awarded by the University of Bucharest for her thesis on Forms and Values of the Verb in Wallachian Dialects, published by Editura Academiei in 2008. Since 1997, she has taught Romanian Language and Literature at the Tudor Vianu National College of Information Technology in Bucharest. Her published work includes Romanian Grammar as a Story (Corint, 2013) and Baccalaureate in Romanian (Corint, 2014). She took part in the design and presentation of the Romanian language lessons for students preparing for their national baccalaureate which were broadcast by TVR 2 in 2013. She published...

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2018, 288 pages

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Ohara Donovetsky writes a contemporary fairy tale à clef. The key to the story opens a number of doors. The first door opens onto the everyday, where three women impart to each other their superstitions, dreams and experiences, as well as their fears and, above all, their friendship. The second opens onto the theme of unageing youth and deathless life, or, to be more exact, the need to camouflage death, desire, suffering by means of storytelling. The third opens onto a mythological picture, which is sooner concealed and denied than constructed or accepted. A surprising legacy, passed down by an eccentric woman, extends bridges across space and time and brings together disturbing histories.


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