Simona Popescu

Simona Popescu (b. 1965) graduated from the Faculty of Letters at Bucharest University in 1987, where she currently lectures. She has published three volumes of poetry : Xilofonul şi alte poeme (The Xylophone and Other Poems, 1990 ; Hungarian edition : Xilofon, Pont Kiadó, Budapest, 1998), Juventus (1994), Noapte sau zi (Night or Day, 1998), collected in the anthology Juventus şi alte poeme (Juventus and Other Poems, 2004). She is co‑author of the volume Pauza de respiraţie (Breathing Space, 1991). Published essays: Volubilis (1998), Despre suprarealism şi Gellu Naum (On Surrealism and Gellu Naum, 2000), and Clava. Critificţiune cu Gellu Naum (Clava. Critifiction with Gellu Naum, 2004). In 2006, the experimental volume Lucrări în verde sau pledoaria mea pentru poezie (Works in Green or My Plea for Poetry) was published by Cartea Românească. The novel Exuvii (Exuviae) has become a literary “classic” of the last twenty years ; it has been published in three editions (1997, 2002, and 2004), as well as translated into Polish: Wzlinka (Czarne, 2002).


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