Bogdan Popescu

Bogdan Popescu (b. 1968, Bucharest) graduated from the Literature Faculty of Bucharest University. He made his debut in 1992, with the short story The Sinner, published in Literatorul (Literator) review. Since February 1993, he has worked as an editor for Caiete critice (Critical Notebooks), at the same time publishing prose in Literatorul and Contemporanul (The Contemporary). In 2001, his Transience Lost was published, which was awarded the Prize for Debut by the National Foundation for Science and the Arts the following year. He was awarded the Romanian Academy’s Ion Creangă Prize in 2003. His novel Whoever Falls Asleep Last has garnered extraordinary critical acclaim, and many regard it as one of the most important books to have been published in Romania in the last twenty years. The novel was awarded the Ziarului de Iaşi Prize for Prose in 2007.


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