Stelian Tanase


Stelian Tanase (b.1952). Writer, political analyst, historian, and journalist. Graduated with a Degree in Philosophy from the University of Bucharest in 1977 and was awarded a Doctorate in Political Sociology in 1996. He teaches Political Science at the University of Bucharest. He presents talk shows on political and cultural topics on the TVR, Antena 1 and Realitatea television stations. He publishes articles in ”22” review and is the co-ordinating editor of ”Sfera Politicii”. He was formerly a member of the Romanian Parliament. He has given lectures in Rome, Paris, Oslo, Vienna, Budapest and Washington, as well as at prestigious universities in the United States: Berkeley University, UCLA, Stanford University, New York University, Columbia University, University...

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Novel, Fiction Ltd. series, Polirom, 2008, 245 pages

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Maestro might be compared to a huge screen. One upon which unfolds a spectacle that is often grotesque, sad, ironic, clownish, and serious. The author gives his tale the subtitle “A Melodrama”. His approach is dramatic, somewhere between hyperrealism and the absurd, done in a brutal, often cynical style, without any illusions as regards his characters and the world about which he writes. Beyond the spotlights yawns the abyss, the trivial, fascinating and mystifying world of television, captured from the inside and viewed by the author as the litmus paper of the age. For those looking for the writer Stelian Tănase, Maestro brings the revelation of an extraordinary book.


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