Radu Pavel Gheo

Radu Pavel Gheo was born in Oraviţa in 1969. He graduated from the Western University in Timişoara with a Degree in Literature in 1994 and subsequently worked as a teacher and as an editor for radio and magazines in Jassy and Timişoara. In 2001, he emigrated to the United States, but returned to Romania after one year. He describes his experiences in America in Adio, Adio, My Countrie, My Country, published by Polirom in 2003, with a second edition in 2004. His other books include The Valley of the Clear Blue Sky (Athena, 1997), About Science Fiction (Omnibooks, 2001; Tritonic, 2007), Romanians is Clever (Polirom, 2004, 2005), Fairia—A Faraway World (Polirom, 2004), Sex and the Explanatory Dictionary (Polirom, 2005), Lady Fellow Travellers. The Female Experience under Communism (joint editor with Dan Lungu, Polirom, 2008), The Name of the Thrush (Polirom, 2008), and Good Night, Children! (Polirom, 2010). Radu Pavel Gheo’s work has also been included in a number of anthologies of short prose and essays. He has written a play, Hold-Up Akbar or Everybody in America, which was performed at the National Theatre in Timişoara in the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons. He has been awarded the Prize of the Timişoara Association of Writers (2003 and 2005), the Pro-Cultura Timisensis Prize (2005), the Timişoara City Hall Diploma for Cultural Excellence (2007), and the Andrei Bantaş Prize for Translation (2007). He currently works as an editor and translator for the Polirom publishing house and as an editor for "Orizont" magazine, published in Timişoara. In 2003, he became a member of the Union of Romanian Writers, and in 2005 a member of PEN Club Romania.



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