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Ioana Baetica Morpurgo was born in 1980. She graduated from the Literature Faculty of Bucharest University and went on to take a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology at S.N.S.P.A. In 2004, she began studying for a Ph.D. at Exeter University with a thesis on the subject of cultural transition in post-communist Romania. At Exeter University she has also taught a seminar on contemporary society. She has published numerous articles on literary and socio-cultural topics in Romania literara, Dilema veche, Timpul, Vatra, Deci, Academia Catavencu, Observator cultural, New Internationalist, Contemporary Review, and other publications. She has contributed short prose and essays to various anthologies, including Cartea cu bunici (The Book of Grandparents, 2007), The Review of Contemporary...

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Novel, "Ego. Prose" series, Polirom, 2011, 384 pages

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Five figures are projected against the polychromatic backdrop of modern London: Razvan, Maria, Traian, Sabina, and Gruia, each with his or her past and future. Their stories unfold in parallel, with the exception of the aleatory and fleeting moments when they intersect, albeit without consequence. A gay, left-wing PhD student, a second rate painter, a stockbroker, a woman looking after a dying old man, and a slightly autistic man living without official documents, they all have one thing in common: Romanian citizenship. In these five typical lives Ioana Baetica Morpurgo captures the alchemy of one of the most terrible human experiences, that of being uprooted.


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