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Alex. Leo Serban (1959-2011) was a film critic, journalist, translator and visual artist. He contributed translations, essays and prose to numerous cultural publications in Romania and abroad. He was a curator and exhibiter, and sat on the juries of countless international art exhibitions and film festivals. He founded and ran the Cinéphiles Club at the Institut Français de Bucharest. He lectured at the Lincoln Center in New York (1996), Umea University in Sweden (1996), and the Humboldt University in Berlin (2000). Between March 2005 and September 2006 he presented Fotograme (Photogrammes), a series about visual culture, on TVR Cultural. In 2008, the Timpul Foundation awarded him its grand prize for Cultural Journalism. In 2004, he published Lars von Trier: filmele,...

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Novel, "Ego. Prose" series, Polirom, 2011, 224 pages

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Disguised under one of Fernando Pessoa’s numerous heteronums, “Alexander Search,” Alex. Leo Serban constructs the fantastical and richly esoteric tale of the imaginary meeting between the Portuguese poet and another great writer of the twentieth century, Jorge Luis Borges. The pretext for this encounter, as well as the thread that binds together the narrative, is a mysterious letter discovered under the parquet of a flat in Buenos Aries, which magically brings all the characters together. For, besides Borges and Pessoa, there is also the spectacular and no less tangled tale of Franz Osberg, a forger of obscure origins who is wanted by Interpol. But above all else, this is a story of the magic of literature and writing, a text for connoisseurs, which foregrounds two of Leo Serban’s favourite authors, as well as two cities close to his heart: Buenos Aires and Lisbon. It is a book written with erudition and undeniable writerly talent.


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