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Magda Carneci (born 1955) has published a number of volumes of poetry in Romanian: Hipermateria (Hypermatter, 1980), O tacere asurzitoare (A Deafening Silence, 1984), Haosmos (Chaosmos, 1992), Poeme politice (Political Poems, 2000). She has also published two collections of essays: Arta anilor ’80. Texte despre postmodernism (The Art of the 80s. Texts on Postmodernism, 1996) and Poetrix. Texte despre poezie (Poetrix. Texts on Poetry, 2002). In other languages, she has published the volumes Psaume (1997) and Trois saison poétiques (2008) in French; Chaosmos (2004), in Dutch; and Chaosmos (2006) in English. Her prose work is included in the French-language anthologies Paris par écrits (2002) and Le sacré aujourd’hui (2003). She is the co-editor of the...

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Novel, Cartea romaneasca, 2012, 208 pages

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 Magda Carneci’s novel FEM is a volume of visionary prose, a non-conformist foray into the physiological, psychical and metaphysical twists and turns of a generic female character, from tender infancy to early adultness. A contemporary Sheherazade recounts to the lover who has abandoned her the strangest and most intimate experiences of her growth into femininity. A mixture of short story, prose poem, Jungian psychoanalysis, and spiritual confession, FEM aims to be an initiatory text, outside current literary genres, a text about what it means for a human being to open herself up to as yet little-explored and unfamiliar levels of sensibility and understanding.
FEM is a manifestation of the female archetype in the first period of life, an archetype that might give access to surprising possibilities of feeling and understanding. Once known and achieved, these possibilities of being might also manifest themselves on other levels and in subsequent periods of life. FEM is the first stage and will be followed by a further two or three volumes that will go deeper and further explore the trails opened up to now.


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