Ioan Grosan

Ioan Grosan (b. 1954) is a prose­‑writer, playwright and journalist. A graduate of the Philology Faculty of Babes‑Bolyai University in Cluj, he has over the years been a teacher, the creative director of the Ministry of Culture’s Cinematography Studio, and an editor for Contrapunct and Academia Catavencu. He is currently a journalist and editor for the Ziua daily. He is a member of the Romanian Writers’ Union. Published volumes: Caravana cinematografica (The Cinematography Caravan) (1985, Romanian Writers’ Union Prize for Debut) ; Trenul de noapte (Night‑Train) (1989) ; Scoala ludică (The Ludic School) (1990) ; Planeta mediocrilor (Planet of Mediocrities) (1st edition: 1991; 2nd edition : 2002) ; O suta de ani de zile la Portile Orientului (A Hundred Years at the Gates of the Orient) (1st edition : 1992, Romanian Writers’ Union Prize for Prose; 2nd edition : 2001; 3rd edition, 2007) ; Jurnal de bordel (Brothel Diary) (1995) ; Nutzi, spaima Constitutii. Jurnal de Cotroceni (Little Johnny, Terror of the Constitution: Cotroceni Diary) (1998); Judetul Vaslui în NATO (Vaslui County in NATO) (2002).


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