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Ionut Chiva was born on 24 September 1978. He graduated from Bucharest University with a Degree in Literature. He has published poetry and prose in countless literary magazines, including Vatra, Fracturi, Ziua Literara, Romania literara, Paradigma, and Luceafarul. Polirom published his first novel, 69, in 2004. The novel gave rise to extensive debate in the Romanian cultural press. In 2011 he published a collection of poetry, The Dead Institution of the Post, which once again excited great interest within the Romanian literary world. In 2014, he returned to prose, with a collection of short stories titled Frightened Boddah (Polirom), which was nominated in the category of Best Book of the Year at the 2015 Romanian Book Industry...

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Ionut Chiva’s thirteen stories bring to light the most varied of characters, both children and adults, from the countryside or foreign countries, who have in common a need for interpersonal relationships, for some way out of their loneliness. The dog, man’s best friend, is the totemic animal that fills the void created by isolation, but most of the time it cannot replace human closeness. The stories complement each other, modify each other, and explain each other in Frightened Boddah, giving shape to a book in which abandoned desires and personal re-evaluations are unburied and rediscovered.


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