Liviu Ioan Stoiciu


Liviu Ioan Stoiciu was born in 1950. He is a poet, prose writer, playwright, essayist and journalist. He made his debut with a collection of poems entitled On the Pennant (1980, awarded the Writers’ Union Prize). He has published numerous collections of poetry, including: Heart of Rays (1982), When Memory Returns (1985), A Parallel World (1989), Aristocratic Poems (1991, awarded the Writers’ Union Prize), Collective Solitude (1996, awarded the Romanian Academy Prize), The Ruins of the Poem (1997), Post-Hospices (1997), The Animal Poem (2000), On Leaving (2003), The Plato Crater (2008), Banned Substances (2012), and also volumes of memoirs and essays. He is also the author of the novels The Hidden Woman (1997), Holy Communion (1999), Somewhere in the South-East (2001), The...

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2014, 512 pages

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Iordache, a geography graduate assigned to teach in a village school in Oltenia, is dissatisfied with the life he leads and becomes a monk. After a one-night stand with a strange woman he leaves the monastery, however, because the memory of his sin gives him no rest. He finds the peace he has long been searching for with Oana, a beautiful and rich young widow, but after a time he starts reading all kinds of esoteric and pseudo-religious theories on the Internet. Iordache soon begins to believe that he is being visited now by an angel, now by the devil. Moreover, he is convinced that he is being telepathically controlled by a mysterious figure from Bucharest, Ivan, a journalist whose sense of failure has pushed him towards the esoteric. And so Iordache abandons his pregnant lover and for a short time takes refuge in the monastery whence he left, after which all trace of him is lost. Setting out in search of Iordache, Oana comes to share his disquietude, and in her mind takes root the suspicion that the son she is going to bear might be an incarnation of the devil...


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