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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2007, 243 pages

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Critics about

We are dealing here with an extraordinary novel, one of the few that I can calmly recommend for export. Because it is incredibly simple to read. Because it is written with astonishing lightness, because it has no pretensions to be a fresco of the Ceausescu epoch or of the 1990s. It is an examination, humane and at the same time cold, of a typically Central‑European state of mind.”

(C. ROGOZANU, Suplimentul de cultura)

“I’m a Communist Biddy !, the latest novel by the excellent Dan Lungu, written in the form of the confession of Emilia Apostoae, formerly employed at a metalwork factory, is probably the best novel about nostalgia for life under communism.
A realist‑minimalist novel of astonishing humour, true in all its situations and dialogue, a book full of humour, but, above all, full of bitterness, the derisory, the absurd…”

(Marius Chivu, Dilema Veche)

“One cannot help but feel sympathy for this woman who recounts her life and ultimately draws the correct conclusion about communism. All things considered, Dan Lungu has written an excellent novel, one that will enjoy an outstanding career, not only in Romania.”

(Stefan Agopian, Academia Catavencu)

“This novel will be read breathlessly by those nostalgic for the old regime, as well as by young people for whom Ceausescu is nothing but a character in commercials.”

(Daniel Cristea-Enache, Cultura)

“Under the confessional pretext lies concealed a very good novel, a novel of copious humour, written in the first person, on one of the most topical of subjects : the (im)possibility of reconciling the memories of a happy childhood and youth with a recognition of the abjection of communism.”

(Mihaela Ursa, Apostrof)


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