Magda Carneci

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Novel, Cartea romaneasca, 2012, 208 pages

Copyright: Cartea romaneasca

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Critics about

 “Hard to sum up in just a few words, FEM is a psychedelic novel about the essences of femininity. A poetic prose that left me with the impression that it would fit wonderfully into a new wave of aesthetic oneiricism. A novel for the cognoscenti, FEM is scandalous and provocative in equal measure.” 

(Marius MIHET)

 “An initiatory text, a text of depths rather than postmodern surfaces, a total rather than fragmentary text, FEM puts forward a metaphysic of the senses, an intense concrete and sensorial experience, like a springboard to revelation, transforming biological conditioning, intuition and so-called female sensuality on the road to knowledge, to a ‘different logic’, an ‘integral logic’.” 


 “What Magda Carneci undertakes in FEM is not only profound, but also honest: an honesty that is sometimes cruel and bewildering, sometimes constructive and generative, an honesty that only great writers are capable of.”

(Stefan BORBELY)

 “FEM: a remarkable novel, a read not to be missed.” 



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