Radu Jörgensen

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Novel, Cartea romaneasca, 2011, 448 pages

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Critics about

 “The novel is tragicomic and describes the long and convoluted wait for a visa, a battle waged from an obvious position of disadvantage relative to the New Authority. It is about initiation into the life of an asylum seeker, with all its colourful characters (Costica the gypsy, Ducu the speculator), and recovery from the social and cultural shock produced by coming into contact with neo-liberal western society, a process involving the disintegration and reintegration of one’s own identity, homesickness, etc.” 

(Cristina ISPAS)

 “The novel Rejected by Radu Jörgensen (alias Radu Georgescu) is a dense self-fiction that systematically fills in the map of the modern emigrant. Radu Jörgensen gives us a panorama of foreign parts, which is not lacking in dilemmas of identity, the mire of easy utopias, and socio-political and erotic interrelations. An obligatory read for all those fascinated with the depths of Scandinavia.” 

(Marius MIHET)

 “The writing is cerebral, lucid, trenchant, focussed on the existential rather than the metaphorical, implicitly deconstructing, via authenticity, many of the stereotypes of the sub-genre of which it is part: cross-border literature.” 

(Stefan BORBELY)

 “Rejected is the minor and major history of a Romanian who emigrates to Sweden immediately after the December 1989 Revolution in order to (re)build a life for himself. The novel brims with unheard voices, voices that do not wish to be heard, voices in search of themselves, voices that blend, dissolve or smoulder.” 

(Gianina DRUTA)


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