Simona Antonescu

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2015, 376 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

 “The Photographer to the Royal Court is a vintage novel, which succeeds in capturing the larger History via small histories, with numerous tales of mystery, magic and the fantastic, and initiatory narratives. It is proof of an authentic talent. The author’s next book will confirm that she is what she promises here: a great writer.” 

(Elisabeta LASCONI , Ziarul Financiar)

“I read the opening pages with surprise and enchantment, with a broad smile spreading across my face, pausing frequently so that my heart would stop racing and with two contradictory desires: to read the whole thing all at once and to linger over each page as long as possible.” 

(Laura CALTEA,

The Photographer to the Royal Court is not the type of book that ‘you can’t put down,’ but something that you take pleasure in placing on your bedside table, with the thought of picking it up again in the evening or in your next moment of relaxation.”

(Iuliana COMANESCU , Sapte seri)

“The author’s ‘tactic’ has been to begin each narrative thread from the point marked by an authentic photograph, a photograph that she not only explicates, but also integrates into the narrative. And so, although I was expecting the book to be just a semi-biographical story about the upward career of Franz Mandy (the character Meyer), it is far from being just that. The Meyer family, which is at the centre of the plot, creates the context for other immortalised faces to tell their stories one by one, and when their stories interweave, the prose becomes enthralling and unforgettable.”



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