Petre Barbu

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2014, 264 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

“It is a book written with great strength, with pathos. You hear, you feel the author’s highly charged vibration, it is a book manifesto, it is a book that conceals in its title a nice semantic ambiguity – in the end we will find out what the big party is in fact. And it is a book waiting for a director to turn it into a film.” 


“Petre Barbu’s novel is one of existential thresholds that are crossed in a hallucinatory story, with tragic and tender intimate notes, in a context of events that are unyielding in their cruelty. The Big Party is the story of an inner upheaval and a radiant survival.”

(Doina IOANID , Observator cultural)

“Many things can be said of this very good novel. In The Big Party we find a unique allegory of inner tectonics, of post-1989 man and the new world, which, it seems, is endlessly exotic even to those who dwell in its immediate historical vicinity. It is a poem about the circles of derision, from which a Candide finds the way out of hell.”

(Marius MIHET , Romania literara)

“The author’s achievement is to isolate both the specificity and interiority of his characters, the ways in which each ‘hero’ thinks, feels and speaks, and also the structure of real socialism and original, post-revolution capitalism. In The Big Party it is not only families of ordinary people that appear, like in a film of the new wave in cinema. Romania itself appears, explored painstakingly and represented realistically.” 



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