Lavinia Braniste

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Short stories, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2014, 224 pages

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Critics about

“Lavinia Braniste’s The Escapade is the first genuinely good book of prose this year.”

(Marius CHIVU , Dilema veche)

“Short prose with soul, written on the knife edge between desperation, helplessness and laughter à la Eugène Ionesco. And with great talent.”

(Alina PURCARU ,

“She is sincere, simple and somewhat minimalist, almost certainly inspired by the immediate reality, by what the young writer has experienced and felt.”

(Jovi ENE ,

The Escapade is a substantial volume, which marks an evolution and succeeds in creating a standard psychological outline of its characters, as well as, I venture to say, of the author herself. There are nineteen short stories in the collection, which excerpt from the life of each protagonist a not necessarily crucial moment, but one situated close in time to such an event. Lavinia Braniste avoids the spectacular event, but foreshadows it or provides information from which the reader may deduce that something has happened.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU , Observator cultural)


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