Adrian Buz

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2014, 368 pages

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Critics about

“A quarter of a century after the collapse of communism in Romania, Adrian Buz’s book, a novel of incandescent honesty, is a wholly convincing plea for the right to remember.”

(Vladimir TISMANEANU, 22)

“It is a highly complex novel, with a structure that might seem overly complicated, but which, I realise, is the only structure that can cover the entire area the author has set out to explore. In fact there are a number of novels here: it is a coming-of-age novel, a historical novel, a novel about the army, a social fresco. Above all, it is a novel about youth, which should be read while listening to 101, Depeche Mode’s album of ‘89.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU , Suplimentul de cultura)

“Adrian Buz chooses the symbolic path of a twofold waste: the paralysis of time in the army and then the Revolution itself, in which the protagonist does not take part directly, because of a stupid accident. Admitted to hospital during the upheaval, he is unable to leave, because that would mean desertion, and having been wounded, he becomes an unwilling hero in the general confusion. What counts is therefore the ways in which an individual is forbidden from activating historical memory because of the tricks of fate.”

(Marius MIHET, Romania literara)


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