Ionut Chiva

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Short stories, Ego. Prose series, Polirom,

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Critics about

“There is here a science of exploiting silence, of cultivating the unspoken, these are as many valves through which the tension can be released, but also snares, in which it accumulates, they are zones of lyricism devoid of pathos, they are sensory descriptions, there is so much tempered tenderness...” 

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU, Observator cultural)

“Chiva is assisted by two qualities: perfect control of the ‘melody’ of the sentence (which is immediately noticeable and which is stylistically hypnotic after a given point, almost independently of the content) and psychological finesse (a rarity lately, especially among writers in Chiva’s age group, who, when they do not defy it, loftily neglect it). This superlative control of reactions (whether his own or others’) is what keeps sceptic Ionut Chiva in the front rank of his generation as far as value goes.” 

(Cosmin CIOTLOS, Romania literara)

“Perhaps I should not have started with this one, but every time I opened, at random, Ionut Chiva’s volume of stories Frightened Boddah or his volume of poems The Dead Institution of the Post Office, I was quite simply unable to find anything that gave me the feeling of being counterfeit.” 


“The volume is refreshing, cool, to be read and reread, written casually, without pretensions, without flourishes, without snobberies, real life, real angsts and very young in style and subject matter, and so don’t hesitate, if you see it, get it. Welcome back, Ionut Chiva!” 

(Valentin CEAUSESCU,


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