Marius Chivu

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Short stories, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2014, 248 pages

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Critics about

End of Season is probably the most moving book about suffering, death, loneliness, hope and resignation I have read in recent years. Besides its incontestably successful aesthetics, it represents the author’s concern with salvaging remnants of humanity in a schizoid and aboulic world.” 

(Dan-Liviu BOERIU,

“Marius Chivu is much more than a talented storyteller; he is also a remarkable stylist. Let us imagine that in a hundred years somebody wants to get an idea about people today. All he would have to do would be to open this book and cast a glance at the events recounted in this End of Season.” 

(Alex CIOROGAR, Apostrof)

“What is remarkable is the balance the writer manages to maintain between the tragedy and often absurd comedy of life, between the tenderness and lyricism of certain passages and the nonchalance, pragmatism, bursts of indifference, stupidity and cynicism of the immediate.”

(Cristina CHEVERESAN, Orizont)

“After an excellent collection of poems, The Plastic Wafter, literary critic Marius Chiva has jumped the barrier between critics and criticised once again, this time as an author of short prose. I am glad that he has done so, for two reasons: 1) so that he will get an idea of what it is like to be hard at work as a prose writer in front of the computer, and 2) because he has the makings of a prose writer of the highest quality.”

(Cristian TEODORESCU, Suplimentul de cultura)


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