M. Dutescu

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Novel, Ego.Prose series, Polirom, 2014, 272 pages

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Critics about

 “Uranus Park is one of the best novels of 2014, a mixture of everyday realism, ‘ecstatic’ hyperrealism and sharp social observation.” 

(Adina DINITOIU, Observator cultural)

Uranus Park is a very good novel and it happens very rarely for me to recommend a Romanian book with all my heart to any type of reader. It is a testament and a very well-written book, a miniature literary event, which you shouldn’t miss.” 

(Costi ROGOZANU, Realitatea TV)

“Way above the level of a debut novel, Uranus Park is also a lucid social analysis, with almost journalistic detail, particularly with regard to the invisible, but suspected, relations between the world of business and politics. But above all it is the novel of a generation that has developed between two poles, poverty and humiliation, on the one hand, and the cold gleam of glossy smiles displayed by the people who have made it, on the other.”

(Luminita CORNEANU, Romania literara)

“Of this year’s novels, the one that has impressed me the most is M. Dutescu’s Uranus Park. The novel seems to me to take seriously at long last a subject dear to all the prose writers of the 2000’s, namely the coming to maturity, or rather the self-construction, of a young man adrift in a terrifying new world, the post-December 1989 world. Sternly, even cruelly, deliberately excluding any visible emotional investment, the author lays out the case of a budding architect who is learning not only how to give bribes to have plans receive a permit, but also how to visualise his own interiority in such a way as to be make himself a success.”

(Doris MIRONESCU, Suplimentul de cultura)


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