Doina Rusti

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2015, 296 pages

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Critics about

The Phanariot Manuscript is a feast of historical prose. Constructed from rare period details and from the urge to salvage, by means of fiction, a fragment of a real story, which Doina Rusti unearthed in the archives, the novel brings to the surface an old world with peculiar customs and a sensuality that pervades every scene. The novel deserves a very high place among those fictions that turn worlds upside down and shake literature from its inertia.” 

(Alina PURCARU, Observator cultural)

“It is a luxuriant novel, with countless characters, with an extremely dense plot, in interpenetrating layers. A social and period fresco, a love story reconstructed, it seems, from the traces of a real manuscript, this is one of Doina Rusti’s best novels, if not the best.”

(Luminita CORNEANU, Romania literara)

 “Coated in the honey of archaic words, softened by the silky caress of poetry, the world of Phanariot Bucharest is revived in Doina Rusti’s enchanted string of beads. An atmospheric historical, magic-realist novel, The Phanariot Manuscript is a seductive book, which draws you into its net like a streak of enticing perfume, like a hypnotic gaze.” 

(Gabriela GHERGHISOR, Ramuri)


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