Ana Maria Sandu

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2013, 156 pages

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Critics about

“Ana Maria Sandu has published a new micro-novel, Run, following on from the excellent Kill Me! (2010). It is a book about a woman undergoing an existential transition, who channels her unease into something else. The problem with any plunge into your own abyss is that you cannot hold on to anything concrete, apart from a fascination with death. A sad diary about depersonalisation and the angst of today’s people in a hurry.” 

(Marius MIHET, Familia)

“With each step the jogger makes, on the asphalt of the park she sloughs off superposed layers of life, society, culture, like a snake regenerating on a sunburnt rock.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STANESCU, Suplimentul de cultura)

“Run seems to me a kind of manifesto against aimless running around, against the chaos to which we are daily subjected. Once you have allowed it to settle, the book manages to remind you of something important: it is not good to squander yourself on insignificant things.”

(Constantin PISTEA,


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