Liviu Ioan Stoiciu

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2014, 512 pages

Copyright: Polirom

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Critics about

“A book about failure, scepticism, expectation, hope in a miracle that will reveal the transcendent, a book with a predominantly defeatist vision that draws on the postmodernist spirit. The self-referentiality, plentiful quotations connected with the paranormal or esoteric, and samples of inter-textuality and intra-textuality maintain the tension of strong emotions, foster confession and create stylistic excellence.”

(Ana DOBRE, Luceafarul)

Foe is a memorable novel, because it unfolds in the margins of obsessions which, although not mine or others’, nonetheless belong to our age much more than we are prepared to admit. It is quite simply a mirror, which does not at all distort.”

(Cosmin CIOTLOS,


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