Radu Tuculescu

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2015, 296 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

The Blackbird is about the destinies of characters depicted within a miniature concentration camp: a music boarding school, of the kind at which the author himself studied in the 1960s. There are unlikely, but also hilarious events (the book is by no means lacking in humour), situations both tragic and ridiculous, characters who will be hallucinatory for anybody who did not experience those times, real people, who will certainly recognise themselves in the pages of the novel, despair, but also hope.” 


The Blackbird is an incursion into the final years of communism and the early years of the new democracy. Casting a hard look at the consumer society, ‘which consumes not only food, but sentiments,’ Radu Tuculescu writes a very harsh and profound parable.” 

(Cristina BELIGAR, Transilvania Reporter)

“What I like about Radu Tuculescu is his faith in literature and his own vocation. The politician does politics, the actor acts, the director directs, the prose writer does prose not like Monsieur Jourdain, without realising it, but in order to put on the page something essential, at the point where his obsessions and our fixations intersect.”

(Daniel CRISTEA-ENACHE, Catavencii)


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