Serban Alexandru

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Novel, Ego. Prose series, Polirom, 2015, 296 pages

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Critics about

 “An exceptional writer, who speaks to exceptional readers : to those seeking refinement in literature and who have the patience to uncover the deeper meanings of a book.” 

(Simona POPESCU)

 “In a magic realist vision, Serban Alexandru constructs a sweeping and complex mythology of the city of Braila. Highly expressive in its style and bringing together various literary genres, from the picaresque to the poetic, the novel is also a critique, and in places a lampoon, of history, mythology, religion, politics and culture. An Angel, a Dog, an Image, in its tragicomic tone, conveys the message of a higher moral, a starting point for a new humanism.” 

(Suplimentul de cultura)


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