Petru Cimpoesu

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2015, 232 pages

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Critics about

 “Petru Cimpoesu is a virtuoso of comic language and situations, parodying the clichés with which the mass media suffocate us. But what genuinely delighted me about this novel is the fact that the author makes deft use of various narrative devices (postponed explanations, heightened suspense, surrealistic detours, grotesque touches taken to the point of the absurd, stories within stories) without them complicating your reading of the book.” 

(Adriana BITTEL)

“Deliberately and with creative intuition, the novelist has chosen a mediocre narrator/character, one neither good nor bad, because the world he has chosen as the field for his investigation is a mediocre world, one neither good nor bad. Accumulating sundry news items, the opinions of the man on the streets, and the exaggerations of the mass media, Petru Cimpoesu’s narrative is an inventory and cross section, a grass roots recording of all kinds of contemporary events, events of every calibre and hue, from the issue of stray dogs to Internet trolls.” 


 “The humour is black and smoky, the cynicism all devouring, and the social fauna, busy with the balancing act of standing still, vehemently rejects mysticism. The revealing smile gives way to the grimace, spiritual indifference expresses the pragmatism of jokers capable of anything.” 

(Marius MIHET)


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