Liliana Corobca

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2015, 192 pages

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Critics about

“Liliana Corobca’s novel is seemingly a tale of the oddities of female loneliness and the deeply confused alterity of virginity. This time too she has succeeded in writing a literary text whose style is difficult to classify. If we are to believe her succinct confession on the cover of the book, it is a poetic fictionalisation of a phase in the writer’s own life. In other words, once the foreordained man has been found, another life begins, and the life left behind is lucky enough to be turned into a novel by a talented young writer. Whichever way you look at it, it is a good book.” 

(Adrian G. ROMILA)

“I would like to mention once again Liliana Corobca’s polished style, her obvious talent, and the fact that she chooses topical and original subjects. I can hardly wait for Liliana Corobca’s next novel, first of all to see what it will be about, but also to see how she will develop literarily.” 


“Liliana Corobca has spoken about her Empire of Old Maids as being an enchanted skin, which she shed after it was published. She identified with it for a long time, but the time had come to part with it. To change her skin. To moult. This is how I interpreted it, as a moulting, particularly given that although the opening pages introduce you to a series of portraits and amusing, ironical situations, with a storytelling rhythm, the novel surprisingly turns into something else, something completely different.” 

(Constantin PISTEA)


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