Radu Cosasu

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Novel, Fiction LTD, Polirom, 2016, 352 pages

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Critics about

“I can’t remember a book denser or more human than Radu Cosasu’s The Life of a Fiction after a Revolution, in which the author makes peace with his own past. What deeply moved me was the elegant and trenchant way in which somebody can speak about everything he has experienced and above all about what he has salvaged from times in which history robbed most people of their minds and souls.” 

(Ana Maria SANDU)

“Radu Cosasu here continues his cycle of letters and novellas, Survivals, which are of great classical beauty. He writes formidably about cinema, literature, politics, and old wounds, which do not heal, and nor is it well that they should heal. His letters, which have the profundity of Hrabal, are extraordinary. Each is individually a masterpiece, and together all the more so.” 

(Andrei CRĂCIUN)

“The moral : after every revolution (in which the cliché lives on until the very end), fiction alone is capable of bearing witness to the life that is increasingly elsewhere. In The Life of Fiction, Radu Cosasu achieves, like never before, the ultimatum charged drama of deposition.” 



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