Veronica D. Niculescu

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Novel, Ego.Prose series, Polirom, 2016, 248 pages

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Critics about

“What I am going to say will become (if it is not already) a commonplace regarding the author’s name : a translator of Nabokov (and one passionate about what she does), she has not remained unaffected by her obsession. This is not a statement intended to fill up the space of a book review, but something demonstrable, because, as happens in the case of true literature, her prose does not allow you the relaxation of innocent reading. Her texts are laden with elements that ensure the cohesiveness of the material, like a skeleton snugly wrapped with the visible flesh of the word.” 

(Bogdan Alexandru STANESCU , Suplimentul de cultura)

“Veronica D. Niculescu writes prose of seductive, calophile analysis. Or to put it better, she packages the traumas of female identity in calophile phrasing. This is something much harder to do than merely recording traumas directly. She seemingly wagers on the effects of the undertone, her voice never reaches the neo expressionist stridency that is the fashion nowadays, she does not seem connected in any way to the tradition of junky or trendy prose.”

(Radu VANCU)

“Veronica D. Niculescu writes prose of very fine quality, and what she has to say comes from a deeper level, rather than from improvisation and banal observation.” 

(Ion Bogdan LEFTER)


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