Ion Vianu

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Novel, Fiction LTD series, Polirom, 2016, 560 pages

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Critics about

 “Puiu Ozias is without doubt one of the strongest characters of post war Romanian literature. His figure, contorted and condensed not only into an agile little old man, but also into the quintessence of troubling acids, unforgettably crosses a crepuscular, early twenty first century Bucharest. He does not fuse with it, but remains protected within a transparent globe—that of a past too long to be left behind.” 

(Tania RADU)

Puiu Ozias is man who animates the shadow play of defunct figures, directing their entrance for the final scene. Ozias is a survivor, a centenarian who has wound his way through the labyrinths of the century the same as he winds his way through the streets of Bucharest.” 

(Smaranda VULTUR)


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