Daniel Vighi

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2015, 592 pages

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Critics about

“There is a lot to savour in the writing of Daniel Vighi. Despite the fact that the subjects he deals with are extremely serious. The numerous stories about the Securitate, informers, undercover agents, double agents, and double double agents make it possible a grassroots reading of a strange, stark and oppressive world. The ironic and self ironic charge of the main characters—besides making the reading experience more pleasurable—creates a state of almost paroxysmal tension from the existential point of view. And that’s because ‘comedy is the final stage of tragedy’ (Albert Camus), is it not ? But it’s not necessarily a case of comedy here, but a case of comedy in the fullest sense. A world peopled with all kinds of individuals who, through their own accounts, create a multiple and ambiguous intrigue.” 

(Serban AXINTE)

The Corso Trilogy confirms Kundera’s idea that certain events, even though they are do to with recent history, can only be narrated in a novel. And the fact that there is a lot of laughter in the other two novels Daniel Vighi includes in his triptych, Operation Aubade and The Wonderful Businesses of Capitalist Ilie Sfeic, shows us a different kind of attitude towards the problematic relationship Romanian writers have with recent history. The same as Ha½ek, to whom explicit reference is made, Vighi urges us to laugh on almost every page. To laugh and not to forget.” 



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