Matei Visniec

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2016, 512 pages

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Critics about

“In fact, the cosmos/chaos dialectic is the scaffolding over which the flesh of the novel is laid : setting out from the playful dichotomy of the title, the author constructs a typology whose two slopes encompass the whole madness of the world. The shoe is the symbol of consistency, circularity, orderly labour, the cosmos, while the umbrella shelters beneath its spokes the fragmentary, the exceptional, selective disorder.” 

(Bogdan Alexandru STANESCU)

“This is a novel about the metamorphoses of the novel, but without for one instant having the boring pretentiousness of textualism and without the author insistently winking at the reader like those post moderns who constantly want to persuade you that they are merchants with two registers. Visniec sets out from the presumption that the reader is tired of such tricks. This is why he begins his novel simply, recounting a death and a funeral in a village in Romania, decades ago, at a time when the villagers, without their realising it, were in harmony with the cosmos, combining the young man’s funeral with the wedding he never had. Herein lies the seed of the book and from it grows a tree whose branches gradually spread over the entire world.” 



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