Ioana Baetica Morpurgo

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Novel, EGO. PROSE series, Polirom, 2017, 406 pages

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Critics about

“Transgressing Toma’s war experience, the novel Shrapnel confronts us, as if in a mirror, with the image of a devastated people, who have either left the country or resigned themselves to the place of their birth, a people too often overwhelmed by sufferings of every kind, accustomed to them, abandoned by a state on the verge of collapse, a people eaten away by poverty, of course, but also above all by uncertainties to do with its national identity . . . From the antechamber of death in Afghanistan to the native village that has become a place where nothing happens, Toma is a simple man, in whom a mindless, atrocious History has left its shrapnel, not only in one of his legs, but also in his mind. In short, a smaller history, part of the wider history of a post-communist country, itself part of a history wider still, that of Eastern Europe, adrift as it has never been before.” 

(Serenela GHITEANU)

“This novel, which lets nothing escape its view, be it poetry, metaphor, or humour is one of the best that Polirom has published since it started promoting contemporary Romanian literature. I would say it is memorable, but I’m worried lest some think I’m being excessive in my praise. My copy is full of yellow post-it notes marking the exceptional passages. I hope you take my recommendation and try Shrapnel.” 

(Constantin PISTEA)


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