Florin Lazarescu

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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2005, 240 pages

Copyright: Polirom

Translation rights sold to: Syrtes (France), El Nadir (Spain), Nikita (Italy), Wieser (Austria), Modrijan (Slovenia), Prozoretz (Bulgaria), Geopen Konyvkiado (Hungary)

Critics about

Our Special Envoy has the value of a veritable manifesto for the new wave of prose-writers : an exceptional book, from which it is not easy to drag yourself away, even after you have finished reading it.”

(Andrei TERIAN, Cultura)

“Florin Lăzărescu knows how to create a sense of mystery : narrative threads are inexplicably abandoned, correspondences and ‘sacred’ subtexts glint bewilderingly at every step, gaps and ambiguities function as magnets for signification. There is no stridency, no exaggerated affectation, no theoretic white noise : the slangy, strong language as well as the reflections on God, death, madness, immortality and holiness sound extraordinarily familiar. The phrasing is simple, but beyond the exuberant verve there opens up intelligence and imagination.”

(Paul CERNAT, Bucureştiul Cultural)

Our Special Envoy confirms Florin Lăzărescu as a literary professional, as a practitioner who knows that, besides talent or a ‘novelistic idea’, you also need the science of writing.”

(Doris MIRONESCU, Suplimentul de Cultură)

“Florin Lăzărescu is probably one of the few young writers who, once you have sampled his writing, becomes close and familiar to you. It is almost as if you expect to meet his characters walking down the street, and his humour is contagious and invigorating.”

(Bogdan CREŢU, Cultura)

Our Special Envoy is the book of a mature writer, with an unmistakable profile, with an already well-outlined narrative project, whose sequel is awaited not only with interest but also enthusiasm.”

(Bianca BURŢA - CERNAT, Observator Cultural)


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