Alexandru Ecovoiu

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Novel, FICTION LTD series, Polirom, 2018, 248 pages

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Critics about

“This novel by Alexandru Ecovoiu is a kind of shadow play, in which the concrete combines with the metaphorical and the abstract, image with idea, pure fiction with an implicit judgement on literature. An intelligent book, written by an author of great imagination, but also, in the postmodern spirit, constantly aware that he is engaged in the cold, calculated endeavour of constructing a literary text. Over the years, I have often wondered what is the secret of this author who is so discreet within the Romanian market, but always in the attention of magazines and publishers in the West. At the level of the novel Ambitus at least, but also to a great extent that of his other books, I think the main argument resides in the impact of the ideas, against the backdrop of the description of fictional, exotic worlds impossible to identify with real life, but in which everybody is able to recognise familiar mentalities, customs, issues, characters.”

(Viața romānească)


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