Radu Aldulescu

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Novel, "Prose" series, Cartea Romānească;, 2006, 232 pages, format 130 x 200 mm

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Critics about

“In The Bride and Groom of Immortality, the author deals with representatives of a lowly world, whom he presents as they are, with their rough speech and their so-called petty preoccupations, which are in fact the great problems in any of our lives, regardless of what position we hold on the social ladder. For this reason, Radu Aldulescu has rightly been compared to Zola. Beyond their indisputable artistic merits, his books offer us a powerful image of the humble man next us, obliging us to understand him and, above all, to take him seriously.”

(Cristian TEODORESCU, Le Monde Diplomatique)

“In short, The Bride and Groom of Immortality elevates to the rank of victim of the world’s evil those kinds of individual who are, not without pride, complaisant in their condition, even if they have outbursts of honour (Raphael confronts the neighbourhood tyrant, risking much more than he can get away with ; Mirela decides to have another child, even though she knows perfectly well that she can’t afford to bring it up, even though she will sell the baby and fritter away the money). All things told, we have here one of the best novels of 2006, one which might be a crossroads in the work of Radu Aldulescu.”

(Bogdan CREŢU, Pana mea)

“Radu Aldulescu is the only Romanian prose-writer with an ‘American’ experience of life, which is to say an experience that does not originate in the university milieu, in literary groups, or in philological initiation, but from the urban underbelly, from black passions, from coarse language, from the lumpenproletariat existence as ‘night shelter’.”

(Dan C. MIHĂILESCU, Jurnalul naţional)

“Constantly poking the solemnity of the discourse with the thorns of irony, the writer preserves his fictions in the zone of carnivalesque indeterminacy, while his characters are haunted by mystic urges and thirst for strong sensations. The prose of Radu Aldulescu grafts, to the point of pastiche, Dostoevsky onto the temperament of Caragiale characters.”

(Andrei TERIAN, Jurnalul de duminică)

“Radu Aldulescu is one of our few prose-writers to have been born rather than created. He writes prose as easily as breathing, a rugged, sometimes gasping prose, one that is cynical and disturbing at the same time. Perhaps you won’t like it, but it is impossible not to admire the power with which he describes a world no longer touched by God. He was unable to make his debut before 1989, but immediately after that he burst onto the scene with a number of memorable novels : The Wake-Going Woman’s Lover, The History of a Realm of Greenness and Freshness, The Prophets of Jerusalem…”

(Ştefan AGOPIAN, B 24-FUN)


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