Dan Lungu

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Short stories, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2008 (2nd edition), 280 pages

Copyright: Polirom

Translation rights sold to: Antonios Stamoulis (Greece)

Critics about

“The author feels in a Chekovian and sees in Gogolian way, but the atmosphere of his prose is Kafkaesque ; micro-realism made up of post-modern pre-fabrications conceals abyssal dramas. Dan Lungu excels in capturing the awkwardness of minor failures. These are prose pieces about failed intimacy. His anti-heroes sporadically seek refuge in reveries, oneiric fantasy, nostalgia, complications, and chatter, but end up falling back into the safety net of the banal."


“As a prose writer, Dan Lungu is very convincing. ‘Hard’ and mature, with the knowledge and ability to construct a character, with a sombre vision of the world, which he expresses without too many concessions to the reader’s sensibilities, always trying to give his tales ingenious twists, so that the same reader will not have any reasons to get bored. Dan Lungu is a young prose writer of indisputable talent.”


“There is no prose piece in this volume which you can skip from boredom or which ‘arouses’ critical indifference in you. They are all written with a sure touch, in the register of a tempered realism, shot through (in their essential parts) with lyrical streaks.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STĂNESCU)

“One of the most provocative and artistically most accomplished books of short prose to have been published in Romania since 1990.”



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