Dan Sociu

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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2008, 208 pages

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Critics about

“Prior to this text, I did not exist. I am nothing but a product of the febrile imagination of Dan Sociu, who conceived of me, one drunken evening, in a bar in Jassy. Were he to stop drinking and writing, I would vanish. And were I to vanish, he too would evaporate."


“Dan Sociu’s writing is ‘hip,’ so to speak, in the same way that Dave Eggers’ is, not only because they share a certain hard-bitten irony, but because, as writers, they understand something profound about story-telling, namely that it is both useless and transcendent, tonic and ridiculous. Sociu is a captivating story teller : you can’t wait to hear what he says next, and because his characters are fresh, he can afford to let them have a past, the exact one we were reading so eagerly about only a few minutes (18 years ?) ago, which makes his perspective the natural sequel to all those Kundera novels we were sorry to see end.”


“The style of this all too talented author oscillates somewhere between the ethylic/damned melancholy of Erofeev and the just as alcoholic but sexy/blasé ease of Bukowski.”


“I might say that Urbancholia, Dan Sociu’s new book, is a novel for our times. Quite a short book, very interesting, very well-written, captivating, dealing with fashionable and ‘obligatory’ themes, a book that doesn’t waste your time, but makes you feel good, like when you watch an important, quality match…”



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