Norman Manea

poem, The Norman Manea author series, Polirom, 2008, 184 pages

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Book presentation

A special book, in which the poem Speaking to the Stone, written by Norman Manea in Romanian, after a visit, as guest of honor, to the Jerusalem Book Fair in 2003, is accompanied by translations in ten languages – English (Edward Hirsch and Norman Manea), Hebrew (Yotam Reuveny), German (Ernest Wichner), Spanish (Victor Ivanovici), Czech (Jiri Nasinek), Hungarian (Balász Imre József), Polish (Jerzy Kotlinski), Swedish (Dan Shafran), French (Letiţia Ilea), and Italian (Marco Cugno).

“I sat in front of the white, menacing sheet of paper until I began to write a kind of quasi-poetic ‘address’ in an unexpected rhetorical articulation to the shade of my Father and the shade of Primo Levi, suddenly united and unified. I had not written poetry for many decades, and I am not at all certain whether what was released that sunny New-York Sunday morning was really poetry, but the cadence, at least, was a lyrical murmur, which followed, in that sudden transcription, my thoughts.” (Norman Manea)


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