Norman Manea

Critics about

novel, The Norman Manea author series, Polirom Publishing House, 2008, 392 pages, format 130 x 200 mm

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Critics about

“An extraordinary book.“

(The New Yorker)

“[Norman Manea’s] vision of totalitarianism is closer to Kafka’s cloudy menace, universal yet internalized, than to Orwell’s brass tacks.”

(The New York Times)

“The miracle of language. A genius for the word continually breaks through the thickets of the phrase.”

(Die Zeit)

“An author of the first order in the panorama of contemporary literature.”

(La Stampa)

“A splendid book. A novel about the foundations and recklessness of History. Above all, a eulogy to a language. The Romanian language.”

(Letras Libres)

“One of the great Romanian and European fiction writers of today. A book that bleeds.”

(La Vanguardia)


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