Lucian Dan Teodorovici

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Critics about

Short stories, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2004, 232 pages

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Critics about

“Lucian Dan Teodorovici phrases well, succeeds in close spaces with the same dexterity as in the novel, has much humour and a certain way of playing with the most dramatic of life’s events with a certain naivety… The writing in Then I Clouted Him Twice maintains the young writer’s lines of force.”

(Marius CHIVU, Romānia literară)

“Well, Teodorovici’s prose pieces fascinate me, like an ironic-sweet seedless fruit which you greedily bite without any fear of leaving your teeth behind in it. The phrasing flows limpidly and without bombast, then suddenly makes a loop, brings to light a character whose drama astonishes you to the point of laughter, then flows on for a few more pages, and in the end empties into a huge lake of absolute nothingness. Sundry news items are occasion for self-ironic amazement, for another one for the road, for a review of droll and idiotic worlds, like the hood of a cagoule that God has pulled down over our eyes.”

(Alin IONESCU, Academia Caţavencu)

“Master of his means, uninfluenced by any fashion in particular, gifted with a sharp sense of the comic and absurd, with satirical nerve, Teodorovici has chosen his own path, one that is not at all easy. For it is not easy to be simple without being facile.”

(Antonio PATRAŞ, Adevărul literar şi artistic)

“Lucian Dan Teodorovici excels in short prose, he perfectly hones the text, which resembles a miniature of consummate proportions. As for discernable models, the first that came to my mind was Daniil Kharms, with whom Teodorovici shares the same relaxed finesse of the absurd detail which explodes a concentrated text, written with humour and irony.”

(Florina PĪRJOL, Observator cultural)

“Although divided into three sections, the volume presents a unity not only of style but also of theme: the narrators/characters, not individualised by name, have made normality an unattainable goal for themselves; because of pettiness and easy cohabitation with failure, they manage to find their purpose, equilibrium, and good faith through being permanently deceived by a reality that has gone awry. And it all takes place beneath the detached gaze of an author who admirably refrains from any commentary, drily recording topsy-turvy lives.”

(Nicoleta CLIVEŢ, Cultura)

“Biting and bitter in his humour, with a style of writing purified to the point of austerity, succeeding in transforming everyday experience into exemplary fabliaux, in creating a kind of magical distance by rejecting big words, Teodorovici is, in fact, an architect of the well camouflaged sublime, who has taken refuge in the nooks of institutional illogicality, of collective paranoia and of existential meaninglessness.”

(Iulia POPOVICI, 22 magazine)


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