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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2004, 248 pages

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Critics about

"Fairia – A Land Faraway is a mixture of SF and heroic fantasy. A perfect connoisseur of the domain, Radu Pavel Gheo avoids the traps of the genre, with the help of his talent, but also of his humor: the prince is slightly dumb, the princess is fat and pimpled, and inherits a small city nobody cares for, while the witch is beautiful and intelligent. Anything is possible on planet Fairia... Among the serious readers, there are still some – we, the lucky ones – who don’t hesitate enjoying the simple beauty of these charming and perfectly unpretentious games. To them I recommend this book."

(Ştefan AGOPIAN, Academia Caţavencu)

"After the first pages, I thought I was reading a banal SF story... Instead, it followed one of the most beautiful fairy tales I had ever read in my entire career of fan. The story told by Radu Pavel Gheo in Fairia is not “innocent” at all – it forges a series of different sources, starting with the Odyssey and ending up with the Romanian fairy tales, on a shelf where one can find also allusions to Poe, Michael Ende, Stanislaw Lem, etc."

(Mihai IOVĂNEL, Cultura)

"With this novel, Radu Pavel Gheo achieves two extremely important things. Firstly, here we have – finally – a natural born story-teller, with an enchanting rhythm of the sentence... Secondly, the major importance of this book is constituted by the genre it fits in. Fairia is a crossbred novel: SF, fantasy and intertextuality, as any high-level narration should be."

(Marius CHIVU, România literară)

"Gheo’s latest book, Fairia – A Land Faraway, is presented as a spiritual daughter of Michael Ende’s Neverending Story. Most of the critics considered we have one of the few fantasy writings from the Romanian literature... But Fairia is based on a subtle and refined drug, distributed extremely skillfully throughout the book. It forces (awful word!) to become all the Little Prince, to ignore the hat, and to see the elephant swallowed by the boa constrictor."

(Györfi-Deák GYÖRGY, Pro-scris)

"Radu Pavel Gheo creates a fairy-land with and without fairies, replacing the common imaginary of the mankind in a dimension made up by himself, where centaurs and leprechauns coexist inside a strange, yet familiar reality... The writer does and undoes everything, with nostalgia and humor... Radu Pavel Gheo is more than a gifted story-teller."

(Cristina CHEVEREŞAN, Orizont)

"Fairia is like a colourful country fair, where you can find anything and everything: unicorns, dauntless heroes, giant snakes, elves and many other things, as if some different universes got scrambled and jumbled..."

(Iulia ARGINT, Adevărul literar şi artistic)


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