Nora Iuga

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Novel, "Fiction Ltd." series, Polirom, 2009

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Critics about

“Nora Iuga is an astonishing person. Because she has never stubbornly remained blocked in any one project, in any one style, because she eludes categorisation, because she rejects schematism.”

(Elena VLĂDĂREANU, Averea)

“In Nora Iuga’s novel, one discovers the body of a poem (like the core of an apricot stone), in which, this time, that laconism, that cutting into the flesh, no longer functions.”

(Iulia ARGINT, Adevărul literar şi artistic)

“Nora Iuga writes a literature in which poetry and prose fit very well together on the pages of one and the same book.”

(Adela GRECEANU, Harper’s Bazaar)

“The likeness of Nora Iuga’s prose to that of English-speaking writers goes beyond any potential comparison with Virginia Woolf. Nora Iuga also practises the Faulknerian ‘stream of consciousness’ sentence, as a counter-response to lucid, self-searching discourse, an uninhibited incursion into the hidden and confused ‘face’ of reality. Going further, we might even find a Bekettian tone…”

(Serenela GHIŢEANU, Timpul)

“Nora Iuga is a rare and fortunate example of an author who writes better and better, who has earned her literary reputation hard but solidly.”



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