Varujan Vosganian

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Critics about

Novel, “Fiction Ltd.” series, Polirom, 2009, 528 pages

Copyright: Polirom

Translation rights sold to: Pre-Textos (Spain)

Critics about

“The great revelation of Romanian prose in 2009 has been The Book of Whispers by Varujan Vosganian. (…) It is an admirably written book (and written with impressive responsibility), a book of ‘identity’, of universal value, but also a lesson for many of our established or up and coming prose writers. Recouping, in the account of Romanian literature and culture, the traumatic memory of Armenians in the twentieth century, it takes from the zone of ‘whispers’ a painful and sensitive subject, at the same time offering a reading experience that only major literature can produce. And major literature is always much more than literature.”


The Book of Whispers is a very good, dense but also alert novel, compositionally ingenious and excellently written – things which, in the end, the wider public and the critics will both agree on.”


“Varujan Vosganian achieves an imposing novel, as fluid as the passage through the world of the ethnic group of which he is part, but also as solid as a legitimising discourse that will outlast any lists of figures and names, past or future.”



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