Ioana Bradea

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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2010, 184 pages

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Critics about

 “A love story set in post-industrial Romania. I don’t know whether you’ve seen what has become of the Ceausescu-era industrial plants in small provincial towns. These now pointless, abandoned, depressing spaces harbour moving stories. The agile mind of Ioana Bradea detects them and gives them the right to a new life.”

(Doru IFTIME, One)

 “Scotch is a powerful text and a surprising book: as aesthetic as it is realistic. It possesses an atrocious realism.”

(Bianca BURȚA-CERNAT, Observator cultural)

 “A refined book, one that exudes decay, a hallucinatory novel, in spite of the veracity of its portrayals, a requiem for the factories and plants of socialist Romania.”

(Gabriela GHEORGHIȘOR, Luceafărul de dimineață)

 “The book’s real trump card is the intensity whereby, probing the details of a disused, apparently anodyne industrial zone, it manages to convert the depressing minimalism of the formula into a tragic and ironic emblem of the disappearance of a world that once seemed eternal.”

(Paul CERNAT, Bucureștiul Cultural)


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